Site Works

Specialised Engineering Services has the necessary resources to install all types of piping.  We pride ourselves on having the best welder operators in Western Australia.  We specialise in all types of mechanical piping including:

  • Cyanide piping
  • Process water piping
  • Air piping
  • Paste fill piping
  • Pump stations
  • Stainless steel pressfit piping
  • Product jacketed piping
  • Lube systems piping
  • Underground services piping
  • Rubber lined piping

Wear Plate Removal and Installation

Removal of old and installation of new pre-fabricated wear plates into areas within chutes subject to high cyclical wear.

Materials can comprise of Composite Plates, Quench and Tempered plates studded or drilled and countersunk or high wear resistant polymer materials.

Specialised Engineering Services has the ability to provide wear plates/liners pre-fabricated ready for installation during scheduled shutdowns.  Numerous successful installations over the years has refined our work practices and safety procedures ensuring efficient and safe installations.

CIP/CIL Tank Refurbishment

At Specialised Engineering Services we have an experienced workforce available to undertake the repairs and refurbishment of all site tank work, including floor replacement, wall strakes, baffles, nozzles and rooves.  We use subcontractors for painting and scaffolding that have many years’ experience with this type of work.

In previous projects that we have undertaken, we have impressed the mining staff with our safety record and the ability to complete the project with minimal disruption to the day to day running of the plant.

Structural Steel Erection

Specialised Engineering Services has many years’ experience with the erection of structural steel for both the mining and commercial sectors.

We take pride in dealing with the four stages in the process:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Transportation
  • Erection

Each of these key responsibilities is monitored to ensure a quality end product.

We provide a table of common hazards that can occur and these form part of our Job Safety Analysis.

Our management and supervisors ensure the methods we use fall in line with our clients’ needs to ensure an efficient,  co-operative and safe working environment at all times.