Replacement Items

At Specialised Engineering Services we carry and stock a wide range of replacement items that include the following in both 150 and 200 NB.  These items can be supplied to your mine site and added to the store’s inventory as rotable items.

  •  Sweep Bends
    • 90 degree
    • 45 degree
    • 22.5 degree
    • 11.5 degree
    • 6.0 degree
  • Victaulic Shurjoint HP 70 Couplings
  • Pipe clamp hangers and brackets
  • Gewi Bars
  • Burst Pipes
  • Galvanised piping in both 150mm and 200mm Scd 80 and Scd 40 ERW piping. 
    All pipes come with cut grooving to suit the HP70 E Couplings.
  • Toe and Collar Pipes