Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Specialised Engineering Services is committed to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and will provide and maintain a safe working environment including safe systems of work for all its employees, visitors and contractors. SES regards compliance with all legislative requirements as the minimum standard.

Safety is an integral part of everything we do and an essential requirement for the continued success and growth of our business. SES will make every reasonable effort to ensure continuous improvement in the areas of accident prevention and safer work processes.

It is our policy to:

Occupational Health and Safety is a shared responsibility of all employees. All Managers and Supervisors are responsible to ensure, within their respective level of control, the safety and health of employees, contractors and visitors to the workplace.

Employees have a responsibility to avoid risks to themselves and others by working in a safe manner. They are required to adhere to all instructions and directions established to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

The display of this policy in the company’s offices confirms our commitment to maintaining a safe place of work for all employees.